New AHVISE Kids Comp October 2018 – For all registered families & their kids!

Dear valued AHVISE community,

The AHVISE Team has been working hard to brainstorm new ideas and ways to give back to our families and volunteers. We recently launched our Virtual Classrooms as an easy alternative for both parties to communicate in regards to the kids school work and education.

However, we noticed the virtual classrooms haven’t had that much use and we completely understand that new technology and platforms can be intimidating. We also experience this. Instead, we’ve found a way that we could make using new technology fun and exciting. We have decided to host our first ever competition and giveaway for the kids.

The AHVISE Team has decided we want to see more from the kids, that’s why we’re hosting a drawing competition! We encourage the kids to draw us a picture of what life on the farm is like and write a short blurb on what their picture is about.  

We want to emphasize that everyone who submits a picture to us is a winner to us at AHVISE and this is just a fun way to build confidence in the kids. We plan on hosting regular fun competitions for the kids to get involved in and show us their talents.

All the drawings we receive from our AHVISE kids will be posted on our Facebook & Instagram accounts so we can showcase the talent for the whole community to see. Please note if we have been advised not to post the pictures we will respect your wishes.

Stay tuned for more details.

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