AHVISE Kids Creative Competition

Dear Valued AHVISE Community,


We have received plenty of submissions from our recent AHVISE Kids Competition and we are blown away by the creativity. We want to show the submissions we have received so far since we’re over halfway through. Scroll down to see these great pictures.


Robert, 7, QLD
‘Ha, do you know what we use this for?’


Robert, 7, QLD
”Heading to the pub by Robert”


Sarah, 4, QLD
”Sarah’s favorite thing is a rainbow because she loves seeing all the colors and it comes after rain.”


Robert, 7 years old, QLD
‘Sunset over Gilberton, my home’


Robert, 7, QLD
”Keeping warm’’


Robert, 7 years old, QLD
”The preschool kids are going to bed” – taken on his iPad.’’


We can’t wait to see more of your submissions, remember competition ends October 31st so get your pictures in before then to win a $50 gift voucher.


Good Luck!