AHVISE Experiences: Volunteer Sharon

Dear Valued AHVISE Community,


This blog post we are going to share a photo story from one of our wonderful AHVISE Volunteers, Sharon. This is her experience on a placement in Dyvenor Downs near Thargomindah through our program. Enjoy.

The old Dyvenor Downs homestead fence.

        The family shooting for Thargomindah council.

A little-orphaned lamb took the children fancy during shearing.
She’s now a ‘poddy lamb’.

Mum joins for a dip with the kids in the waterhole.

‘April’ sneaks some cotton seed from the back of the feed ute!

Myself (VISE) helping with feeding weaners with cotton seed.’ Tickles’ is the white calf and their favourite weaner from last year. It is always the first to come up to them when they come out with feed.

Dan & Lousie making feed troughs for the orphaned ‘poddy calves’ which the children have to feed every morning and night. They make up the milk and clean the feeders each time before school and just before dinner. There were 21 poddies when we left.

On our last night the girls in the family taught their Mum & I the ‘Floss’ dance. I couldn’t master it but Mum got right in there!

All the children made a special dessert on our last night – my favourite Pavlova. They had to try and catch their Dad at Eulo to get some fresh fruit to go on top. They caught him just in time on his way back from picking up some hay at Cunnamulla from one of the generous hay run donations. They got 15 bales and hoped it was going to be good for their stock.

Our new western family including the poddy lamb, and 2 of the 6 new collie pups that ‘Fox’ had three nights before we left. The lawn is a wonderful green oasis to come back to each day for Dan. Louise puts a lot of time into watering it with artesian water.


We love to see our volunteers and families enjoying their placements through our AHVISE program. If you would like to submit your family or volunteer memories with us email info@ahvise.org.au and include your stories, images or videos.