What’s Happening At AHVISE In February

Dear Valued AHVISE Community,

We hope you have had a wonderful time of the Christmas and New Year period, we are excited to get back to work at AHVISE. In 2019 we have lots of exciting things planned for both our families and volunteers. Please remember if you are a family and you haven’t yet created a placement we encourage you to do so. We have plenty of volunteers who are eager to get back into volunteering during 2019.

Remember, thanks to Aussie Helpers (our supporters) there are no $500 Family Placement fees for 2019 – Aussie Helpers support the Volunteers for their travel refunds (so families don’t have to do that) plus they fund the running and management of the AHVISE which has massively grown in 2018 from nothing!


  • AHVISE Creative Kids Competition 2.0We are excited to announce that we will be hosting another competition for our AHVISE Kids starting February 1st. This competition we want you to write us a short story, joke or poem about why you love where you live. In your story, we want you to include a colored drawing about what you have written about. We encourage all of you to be super creative and use your imaginations to show us why you love where you live. For more information on how to enter check out our blog post.  
  • New AHVISE Podcast Starting February 1st

    We will have a new podcast show launching on 1 February 2019 jam packed with interesting stories, helpful content and inspiring topics to keep everyone at AHVISE up to date! We will send the details on the new podcast when it has launched! In the meantime, we would love your help! If you know someone, a business representative/organisation) that would be a great fit to come on our podcast show and have a chat with us?? Then we’d love to hear from them (or you!)

    Please email Ann or Nadege at AHVISE the relevant details, and we can take it from there!

    We are looking for:


  • Volunteer stories
  • Family stories
  • Farming stories (good stories and challenges faced)
  • We are particularly interested in how this affects “kids” and their side of the perspective (for study purposes and just life in general)
  • Farm/remote property suppliers, service providers and businesses (relevant to kids)

Don’t forget to like our official AHVISE Facebook page and we will see you next week for more updates!