AHVISE Volunteer Poem: Thargomindah By Sharon Pearson

We headed out west to Thargomindah

Out back where there’s lots of mulga timber.

The family were 6-Mum, Dad, three girls and a boy,

Our first ever AHVISE we were greeted with joy.

The ground was all dust and no rain had fell,

They asked us to help just for a spell.

We jumped right in to see how we’d go,

How can we help? We didn’t really know.

The govvie was keen to show how the kids did,

They all got in and did as were bid.

On air lessons, reading and science,

All done with fantastic compliance.

The kitchen was as busy as a ticking clock,

The heart of the home – as solid as a rock.

But out on the station Mum was needed so much,

So, into the house work I lent my touch.

Each day was as different as chalk and cheese,

Whatever we did, it wasn’t hard to please.

There were poddies to feed hens, pigs, dogs and horses,

If only there was rain, from natures forces.

But no, each promising cloud blew away,

The drought was ongoing – here to stay.

The dust would fly and the men came in each day,

From pulling the mulga and feeding cattle hay.

We said farewell at the end of our time,

And hoped they would have no more hurdles to climb.

We’ve stayed in touch now forever friends,

So that is how our first AHVISE story ends.