AHVISE Home Tutor Relief Scheme

AHVISE (Aussie Helpers Volunteers for Isolated Student Education) is a home-tutor support program. AHVISE was created after the close of VISE which was a similar volunteer program which ran for 28 years prior.

Long-term VISE volunteer administrator and North Queenslander, Lyn French, was determined not to let the support services fade away. She sought out a replacement sponsor in Aussie Helpers to back her desire to keep the service going. Aussie Helpers immediately provided the financial support Lyn needed for her to continue the program under the new name AHVISE.

“I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park to set up but we have the new website up, thanks to the outside expertise sourced by Aussie Helpers,” she said.

Improvements to the AHVISE program was suggested by Lyn, including there is now no limit to the length of time a volunteer tutor can provide their help. Previously it was limited to six weeks, Lyn said that if a family needed someone for longer and a tutor was willing to stay longer, that could now be agreed to.

Also, another change was in the past families paid the tutors’ travel costs in full, which weighed more on people living the furthest away as most tutors’ homes were in southern Australia.

Now tutors can simply provide copies of their travel receipts to Aussie Helpers (via AHVISE refund portal) and they’ll be reimbursed up to $1,500 towards their travel costs. Initially there was a $500 charge to families to help cover the costs of the program, however, now Aussie Helpers waives that $500 fee, so there is no cost to families to participate in AHVISE.

AHVISE implemented a new online tutoring component in 2018 which allows families to access tutoring services via Skype. This online platform can also be used for families and tutors to keep in touch after the placement ends. The tutor can assign homework or tasks and manage the progress of their students from afar indefinitely if they like.

The “Angel system” (often the non-teaching partner of the visiting tutor) still remains in place to support family needs outside the schoolroom, whether it be helping around the house, with a younger sibling, or on station work. Often partners help with odd jobs around the property during school hours, and the couples venture out off the property to explore at other times!

“Lots of people on the land don’t like to admit when things are tough, and they are some of the proudest and most resilient people in Australia,” she said.

“But sometimes they need our help.” Aussie Helpers stays in touch with thousands of farming families around Australia to ensure their wellbeing and survival through good and bad times.

We encourage families to get online, register and create a placement so we can get you the help you need. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, make sure you refer to our website for more information.

Link to the original article – https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/5161205/ahvise-advises-ready-to-tutor/