*NEW* AHVISE Virtual Tutoring Program!


Dear Valued AHVISE Community,


At AHVISE we are dedicated to improving our services to better help our families living in rural/remote areas. Recently, we introduced our virtual classroom feature for volunteers and families. We have since decided to expand on this and include an online tutoring platform. This will provide new alternatives for volunteers to provide assistance to you and your family.

Below we have answered a few questions and included a step by step walkthrough on how to select this option when creating your placement. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact AHVISE for more answers.


What Is Online Tutoring?


Online tutoring is the newest development in education and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It works similarly to a physical classroom, and on some platforms, you can screen share. The volunteer and student can work one on one and the volunteer can assist the student with subjects they might be struggling with. We hope this platform will provide better assistance to your children living in rural areas.


How Does It Work?


The most common platform used for online tutoring is zoom, other platforms like Skype can also be used. By using zoom your volunteer can share their screen to partner read a story, or use the whiteboard to draw pictures and play activities together.


Why Do We Need It?


We understand there can sometimes be schedule conflict and your placement might not be filled on time. Living in remote areas can be challenging and we hope to eliminate these problems by providing you with different options. This platform is non-compulsory which gives you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Can Volunteers Still Visit Us?

You still have the ability to request a volunteer to visit and help you on the farm. Online tutoring works to supplement our current program and provide you with new avenues to explore. On our website when you create a placement you will have 3 options, volunteer, online tutor or both. Then we will pair the right volunteer to your family for a great placement.


How To Select ‘Virtual Tutoring’: 

Below we have included a step by step guide on how to select ‘virtual tutoring’ when creating a placement. Keep in mind you will also be able to choose both virtual tutoring and a home-stay tutor.


Step 1: Visit AHVISE

Visit www.ahvise.org.au and click the ‘LOG IN button on the top right-hand corner of the website. If you have forgotten your log in details please contact Claudia Mon-Thurs 12-2pm.

Step 2: Login

Enter your login details.

Step 3: Create a placement

Click ‘create placement’ on the top header once you’ve logged into your account

Step 4: Choose a placement type

After filling out your placement details scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose your ‘preferred type of placement’.

Step 5: Choose a placement option

Choose a placement option from the drop-down list.

Step 6: Preview 

Once you’ve chosen your ideal placement, click preview before submitting.

Step 7: Submit 

Click edit listing to change information or submit listing to make your placement live so volunteers can see it.


We hope this was helpful for you and answered any questions you have in regards to the virtual tutoring program. If you have any inquiries or more questions to ask in regards to our current programs feel free to email us at info@ahvise.org.au or call us on (07) 3103 2070.  



How To Enter: AHVISE Kids Competition




Dear Valued AHVISE Community,


We are excited to announce we will be hosting a kids drawing competition for our AHVISE Families. We hope to run frequent competitions for both our Families & Volunteers to engage with our AHVISE Community and show our appreciation for your continued support.


How To Enter:


  • Draw, paint or submit a photograph of your favourite part of life on the farm with a short description about your picture.
  • Upload your image into the Virtual Classroom and our team will collect your pictures.
  • Remember: Each child can submit their photo up to 5 times, all entries constitute “1 ticket” to win (so 5 images = 5 chances to win!)


  • Be registered as an AHVISE Volunteer or AHVISE Family who has booked a previous placement or is currently attending one.
  • Be signed up to use the AHVISE Virtual Classroom


How To Submit:

If you have already been provided with your login details for the virtual classroom please continue the following steps. If you haven’t please contact AHVISE to set up an account for you.

  1. Login with your username and password provided by AHVISE http://classroom.ahvise.org.au/login
  2. Find the ‘classes’ tab and search your last name EXAMPLE: ABC Family Class
  3. Click ‘view’ on the classes tab
  4. Find the assignments tab and click ‘add’
  6. Upload your PNG or JPG image
  7. Click ‘submit’ and then you’re done 🙂


Winners & Prizes:

AHVISE will announce 3 winners at random on October 31st, 2018. Each winner will receive a gift voucher valued at $50 to use at a store of their choice.

As we receive entries we will share them on Facebook and Instagram, we encourage our volunteers to participate. We encourage you to check our social media accounts over the coming weeks and LIKE the entries as they are posted, this would be great motivation for the kids.

If you are a volunteer who has been booked to attend an upcoming placement please contact Nadege to get access to the Virtual Classroom. This way you can encourage your kid to upload their own entry for a chance to win.

Our AHVISE Team can’t wait to see the wonderful submissions we hope to receive from you during the time of our competition!

Good Luck,