New AHVISE Kids Comp October 2018 – For all registered families & their kids!

Dear valued AHVISE community,

The AHVISE Team has been working hard to brainstorm new ideas and ways to give back to our families and volunteers. We recently launched our Virtual Classrooms as an easy alternative for both parties to communicate in regards to the kids school work and education.

However, we noticed the virtual classrooms haven’t had that much use and we completely understand that new technology and platforms can be intimidating. We also experience this. Instead, we’ve found a way that we could make using new technology fun and exciting. We have decided to host our first ever competition and giveaway for the kids.

The AHVISE Team has decided we want to see more from the kids, that’s why we’re hosting a drawing competition! We encourage the kids to draw us a picture of what life on the farm is like and write a short blurb on what their picture is about.  

We want to emphasize that everyone who submits a picture to us is a winner to us at AHVISE and this is just a fun way to build confidence in the kids. We plan on hosting regular fun competitions for the kids to get involved in and show us their talents.

All the drawings we receive from our AHVISE kids will be posted on our Facebook & Instagram accounts so we can showcase the talent for the whole community to see. Please note if we have been advised not to post the pictures we will respect your wishes.

Stay tuned for more details.

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Aussie Helpers launches new AHVISE educational program in 2018 for Farm Kids

Welcome to AHVISE!

We are an educational volunteer organisation run by Aussie Helpers, comprising of a dedicated team of volunteers from all around Australia, who enjoy to give to others. We support rural and remote outback families who are looking for help in their remote school rooms. These include families, mothers and fathers, who teach their own children at home due to their geographic isolation.

If you haven’t already registered with AHVISE, you can do so today!

Click on the “SIGN UP” button on the top hand side of our website.


You can join as a volunteer, or a family.


If you are a farming family with kids who could use some extra help with their education, or if you are a teacher, tutor or angel who wants to help kids in our farming community learn more, and grow with a better education, then we’d love to hear from you.

We do background checks on all the volunteers and after you sign up you can enter a PLACEMENT AD – which we then check and publish for all registered volunteers to apply for, if your placement meets their preferences, location etc.

When a volunteer applies someone from our office will contact you and try to work out if that volunteer is a good fit. If it is a good fit, then we lock that placement is as “filled” and take down your placement ad. You can place as many ads as you like, to suit your child’s educational support required.

The volunteer will travel to your home (wherever you are in Australia) and normally they have their own transport, like a caravan, but some volunteers will prefer to stay on your property, maybe you have a spare room, or small home for visitors etc.

Normally families provide food for the duration of the volunteers stay, but all these details can be worked out when the time comes.


If you are a person who loves helping others and have teaching background then you will fit in with our fantastic team of volunteers!

Farmers don’t like to admit when things are tough, and they are some of the proudest and most resilient people in Australia.  But sometimes they need our help, especially for their wonderful kids!

You will be required to formally “REGISTER” by clicking on SIGN UP – and once logged in, you will be asked to complete more questions about your experience, references, preference for ages of children you can tutor, etc.

You will be asked to upload a copy of your current Photo ID like a drivers licence, and at some point (prior to attending any placement) you will have to supply a Blue Card (for QLD) or the relevant “Working with Child” check ID.  All this information and more, will be available on your AHVISE profile dashboard once you have registered as a Volunteer.


Got Questions, we’ve got answers. You can always check the FAQ page on our website HERE.

Once you are registered you will have access to a more comprehensive “Training HUB” plus access to the “Financial HUB” for volunteer expenses refunds by AHVISE, and for families we ask a $500 donation towards the cost of your tutors. If volunteers request more than $500, Aussie Helpers provides up to $1,500 in total for travel cost refunds. If you have any questions about the financials, please contact our support (see below options).

Anyone who has more queries, you have a few options to get more help or advice about AHVISE.

1/ Use our SUPPORT form on the CONTACT page of our website

2/ You can email us direct at info@ahvise.org.au

3/ You can call our office 7 days a week between 12pm and 2pm (07) 3103 2070

You can leave a message on the (07) phone number (above) before 12 and after 2pm. We endeavor to return all calls and messages within 24 hours.

We look forward to posting more about the AHVISE journey on this new BLOG, plus you can follow us on social media for real time updates!



VOLUNTEERS >>> If you are a person who loves helping others and have teaching background then you will fit in with our fantastic team of volunteers!

FARMING FAMILIES >>> Sometimes you need help for the kids, and being remote is tough, that is why AHVISE has been launched by Aussie Helpers, and we are looking forward to helping you with your kids in the near future!