Volunteers providing
Educational assistance
where it’s needed most

Farmers don’t like to admit when things are tough, as some
of the proudest and most resilient people in Australia.
But isolation can be challenging for those on the land in
remote and isolated areas, especially the kids.

Through the AHVISE tutoring program, educational volunteers and ‘AHVISE angels’ from
around the nation can help provide a welcome relief and educational support for farming
families in need.

AHVISE was founded by and continues to be run and funded by the Aussie Helpers Charity who work to provide a variety of support measures to thousands of Australian farming families each year.

Aussie Helpers have been supporting farmers for nearly two decades and are continuing their charity work and outreach programs (like AHVISE) well into the future, to ensure help is available to farming families who need it the most.
AHVISE recruits volunteer tutors including retired teachers, teaching aids, educational assistants, and other volunteers with appropriate work and/or life experience.

To view current placements available you must have supplied your Photo ID and completed our registration form, this is to ensure the safety and privacy of our registered AHVISE Farming Families.

Here at AHVISE we will do everything possible to ensure compatible Placements are promoted to you, but at times, things just do not work out and this is often due to a communication breakdown. If this happens please contact our Support Team for a private conversation in order to resolve the matter immediately.