What’s Happening At AHVISE In April 2019

What’s Happening At AHVISE In April 2019

Dear valued AHVISE Community,

We hope you have had a wonderful month of March and you’re enjoying the year so far. There are a lot of exciting things happening at AHVISE for both our volunteers and families to enjoy.

Remember, thanks to Aussie Helpers (our supporters) there are no $500 Family Placement fees for 2019 – Aussie Helpers support the Volunteers for their travel refunds (so families don’t have to do that) plus they fund the running and management of the AHVISE which has massively grown in 2018 from nothing!

1.  AHVISE Volunteer Poem Writing Competition 2.0

This month we will be hosting yet another competition for our volunteers starting April 1st 2019. We want you to write us a short poem about your most memorable placement experience along with a picture. We want to get to know your placement experience through your eyes so please make sure you participate. Our AHVISE organization is always happy to see the growth we have from hosting each competition and learning more about your experiences.

Check out our most recent blog on how to enter:  

2. AHVISE Podcast Episodes

We are still looking for candidates for our new podcast show. If you know someone, a business representative or organisation that would be a great fit to come on our podcast show and have a chat with us??  Then we’d love to hear from them (or you!) Please email Ann or Nadege at AHVISE the relevant details, and we can take it from there!

We are looking for:

  • Volunteer stories
  • Family stories
  • Farming stories (good stories and challenges faced)
  • We are particularly interested in how this affects “kids” and their side of the perspective (for study purposes and just life in general)
  • Farm/remote property suppliers, service providers and businesses (relevant to kids)

3. Refer a new AHVISE Volunteer

Do you know someone who loves to travel, has an educational tutoring interest and wants to help other people?

This month AHVISE is launching a new campaign to drive more volunteers to sign up with AHVISE as a volunteer tutor.

If you know someone who you think would enjoy travelling whilst helping other people out, then we’d appreciate it if you could pass on the www.AHVISE.org.au website link to them, so they can think about joining us!


We have been contacted by a small group of university students based in Sydney, who have offered their mentoring services to five of our AHVISE students.

This is a trial of this service, and if things go well, this concept can grow in size. They have currently suggested only to NSW kids, but will consider applications from other States!

At this time, we are looking for five (of older primary school age) preferably high school age kids, who fit the following criteria:

  • Happy to chat on Skype once a week (minimum) with their “Mentor”
  • Choose whatever field (topic or subject) they need help with
  • Must have internet suitable for videoing conference during that cal

As this is a “trial” for us, we are open to flexible arrangements so all parties benefit.

If you think your child is a good fit for this program, maybe they could benefit from a Mentor who can help with motivation, the social engagement, but mostly the academic help, these mentors are a fantastic opportunity for your child!

This program is IN ADDITION to our normal AHVISE volunteer placements. So if you have a placement booked or in the past, this new “AHVISE Mentor Program” is in addition to that existing (onsite Volunteer placement) because it is so different in it’s application.

Please get in touch with Ann (Mon-Thurs) or Nadege (Fri-Sun) if you want to discuss this further, and ideally, we’d prefer the request in writing, and we can take action from there to set up a call with the Mentor to see if all parties are happy to proceed.

Don’t forget to like our official AHVISE Facebook page and we will see you next week for more updates!

Have a wonderful month and please feel free to contact our AHVISE support team if you have any questions.