The AHVISE program is a Volunteer based program.

This means that the AHVISE registered tutors are not paid for their time, however, Aussie Helpers Charity (who founded and run the AHVISE program) provide Volunteers with up to $1,500 travel reimbursements in order to provide the tutoring to families.

The AHVISE Volunteers consist mostly of retired teachers, but also others with people with appropriate experience who would like to spend time helping isolated students with their education and learning in general.

Students may have specific needs, such as reading and mathematics; or perhaps behavioral issues where the parents may be having difficulty relating to their own children; or where students are studying at secondary level. Secondary teachers mainly work with upper primary students who are soon to make the transition to boarding or secondary school.

Sometimes a family needs the help of a non-teacher called an Angel.

Angels can assist by helping and supporting the child and family needs outside of the school room, whether it be helping around the house, in the kitchen, perhaps helping with a younger sibling, or a medical emergency etc. Most tutors’ partners become Angels and are able to help about on the station as well, which is ideal if they have mechanical knowledge, and they enjoy helping out and fixing things. Or maybe they are just a good handyman, or gardener, who just wants to help others.

Our Volunteer Tutors and Angels are screened by Aussie Helpers and are passionate about helping our Aussie farming families.

If you are a farming family with kids who could use some extra help with their education, or if you are a teacher, tutor or angel who wants to help kids in our farming community learn more, and grow with a better education, then we’d love to hear from you.

We also welcome donations as we receive no Government funding or financial support, the AHVISE program only exists due to the support and kindness of our many Volunteers and the financial support by it’s founders Aussie Helpers Charity.

We are prepared to do what it takes to make the AHVISE program work, because we believe in and support our farming families because we believe they are the backbone of our beautiful country!

Want to get involved?


In all states right across Australia you must have a Working With Children Card for the state you wish to be a volunteer in:
QLD: Blue Card
NSW: Working With Children Check
VIC: Working With Children Check
NT: Working With Children Check
WA: Working With Children Check
TAS: Working With Children Check

To ensure the wellbeing of our families and students all volunteers are required to meet the safety standards set for the state they wish to volunteer in.

Volunteers are generally responsible for their own accommodation to and from placements, however, they can claim up to $1,500 per placement (in total for both volunteer and their partner/spouse) and all and any reimbursement claims MUST come with copies of the receipts the Volunteer is seeking to have reimbursed. This is to keep the system fair.

When Volunteers join, they will have access to our Volunteers Financial Hub which has a simple form to complete and upload your receipts (in JPEG, PNG or PDF format) and request the travel refund. Refunds can take up to 3wks, but we do aim for 2wks or less. Our FULL TRAVEL REFUND FORM can be downloaded HERE

No. Volunteers only need child-work clearance for the States they intend to take placements.

You can choose when you wish to help families in the outback, by providing your preferred dates when you type in your preferences for dates/time of the year you wish to volunteer, on the registration forms on this website.

There is no time limit. Should a family require help to have someone for one full school term, this is okay and worked out with the Coordinator and the family. it is advised that no placement will be under 6 weeks, the reason being one unit/assignment of school work is 2 weeks, that means you are helping that student do 3 units.

Yes. If your partner is helping you in the school room, with sports or anything involved with children they must have a Blue Card too.