2 Kids & a cattle station – Mum needs help!

ByElisa Fox
  • QLD
  • Posted 3 months ago

We operate properties in the Etheridge Shire near Forsayth in FNQ and in the South Burnett Shire near Proston in SEQ. We live on our FNQ property most of the time with sporadic visits to our Proston properties as required. We have 4 children – 2 are at boarding school in Yr 12 & 9 and 2 are in Yr 5 & 3 doing Distance Education. Currently my husband spends most of his time at the Proston property due to staff shortages so I am on my own on the NQ property. My parents live on the property with us but are away frequently and largely unable to physically assist much anymore.

I need someone to assist with keeping the boys on track with their schooling while I attend to the outside work on the property.