Term 3 2023 Tutor needed, NT

T Godfrey
  • NT
  • Posted 1 month ago

We are seeking an AHVISE educator to assist our schoolroom during our busy mustering season.  Our ideal placement will be Term 3 commencing from week 1 with arrival during the end of the QLD school holidays.  Educators are welcome to stay the entire term or as long as you choose, we would suggest due to our remote location that a 4 week stay would be considered as a minimum.  If a placement in Term 3 is not possible we consider any time in Term 2 or Term 4.  We are happy to accept singles or couples and depending on the skill set of the partner, paid work may be available during their stay if required – please just let us know what you are looking for when you speak to AHVISE.

Our classroom has a Year 2 male student that is educated by our governess (who is starting her mature age teaching degree this year) and a Year 5 female student that is educated by her mother.  We have a large school room with dedicated computer rooms for when students are on air.  The school room is air conditioned.  The placement is to take over the teaching duties of the year 5 student whilst also assisting with the Year 2 student as required.  Our school day runs from 8am to 3 pm with activities for the kids continuing until 5:30pm – educators may choose to participate in activities longer or just for the school day as they wish.  The kids do 2 piano lessons via the telephone and 1 dance lesson per week in addition to their school day.

Our daughter will be attending boarding school in Year 6 in Brisbane so we are really wanting her to have a fun year as her last as a school of the air student and AHVISE volunteers are a very important part of our school year.  AHVISE volunteers give continuity in schooling to Arly when her mother is busy in Term 3 with the station cattle muster and busy tourist season.  Both of our kids love 1 on 1 activities and any extra craft, art, sport or skills outside the ordinary is very much welcome.

We are located on a large cattle station that also has a caravan park and small roadhouse.  We have a young and vibrant station crew inclusive of all ages and stages and can provide accommodation facilities for educators with their own caravan or provide your own ensuite accommodation.  All meals are provided in the station kitchen and we eat a predominantly beef based diet – we source and process our own beef on the station – this position is probably not suited to Vegan/Vegetarian educators for this reason.  Optus mobile coverage is available and wifi is provided as part of your stay.  Televisions are in common areas only and not in individual rooms as they are satellite TVs.

School – Mount Isa School of the Air
Child being taught: Arly – Grade 5, Ms Rachael Gregory
Second child in schoolroom with Governess – Rex – Grade 2
Location: Anatye NT post code 0872