Tutor Required Late April 2023 QLD

J Cuddihy
  • QLD
  • Posted 1 month ago

We are a family of five living and working in Central Queensland. We have an active farming and social life, with lots of family and friends dropping in for a cup of tea or a weekend. We work in a family beef business and have plenty to do in the paddock, but love to include family and visitors in all that we do, to keep it interesting! With plenty of pets and a big garden, we love spending as much time outside as possible, riding bikes, creating cubbies and doing our jobs.

While our school room is busy, don’t let the fact the children’s ages are so close be daunting! Our children are in fact a terrific team and work well together. As creative and conversational souls, they love helping each other with projects and work and coming up with solutions. They love science and reading and putting on ‘plays’. They spend a lot of time singing, writing creative stories and challenging each other! Ted, 10, Year 5. Maeve, 9, Year 4. Margot, 7, Year 2. Currently using Charters Towers distance Ed.

Located in Roundstone Qld post code 4718

We would love a tutor or angel to come and help out, for any length of time that suits them.