Aussie Helpers Retirement

Aussie Helpers Retirement

Brian and Nerida Egan started Aussie Helpers back in 2002 to provide assistance to Australian Farmers. The non-profit organisation provides farmers and their families financial donations, farming supplies, household necessities and educational support for children in remote areas and is also the founder of AHVISE. 

For nearly 20 years Brian and Nerida have raised more than $24 million to aid over 13,000 Aussie farming families. 

The AHVISE admin team is sad to hear of Brian and Nerida stepping down, but are sure the new CEO Natasha Kocks (Brian & Nerida’s daughter) will make an amazing replacement as she has been working with Sam Price (their other daughter) and the Aussie Helpers team for a few years now already. 

In fact Natasha has been involved in the charity since the beginning and says she is looking forward to continuing her parent’s legacy, and continuing the support to AHVISE continuing.

Read the original article here: https://aussiehelpers.org.au/aussie-helpers-founders-retire-media-release-17-07-2019/ 

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