AHVISE Creative Kids Comp Winners – February 2019

AHVISE Creative Kids Comp Winners – February 2019

Dear Valued AHVISE Community,

For our second creative kid’s competition, we wanted to know why the kids loved where they live. The task was to write a poem or story along with a drawing or a photograph. This competition we have chosen 2 winners, Georgie & Brianna who are also sisters. Below, we have included their creative poems pictures, enjoy.

Why I Like Living at My Home

By Brianna Spurdle

Working hard all day in the sun.

Horses are eager to get the work done.

Yarding the weaners for the cold night ahead.

I say goodnight and head off to bed.

Life-like stories happen and are told.

I’m ready for the next day to unfold.

Killing my school work so I can go play.

Eager to go exploring today.

Life on a station is never really, easy.

It always has obstacles that aren’t easy-peasy.

Very dirty and tired we come in at night.

I sit at the fire to watch it ignite.

Never is there a dull moment at home.

Give me ten reasons why its dull, have a go!

Although it is hard in the drought on our family.

Time will fly by and we’ll soon all be happy.

My home is the best, I will tell you right now.

Yes, it is true you don’t need to ask how.

Home is the best with its trees and its grass.

Our family will protect it like bullet proof glass.

My friends are the horses, the dogs and the cattle.

Everyone knows that I LOVE MY HOME!

My Home

By Georgie Spurdle

At the end of a gravel road,

Waits the friendly lights of home

Shining through the whispering trees,

Rustling secrets in the leaves.

Cattle mooing,

A storm brewing.

Horses neighing,

Dogs playing.

That’s my home.

Catch the horses, saddle up,

Hop on and watch they don’t buck

Trot off, steady now,

To go and help gather the cows.

Men yelling,

Cattle for selling,

Flies buzzing,

Calves fussing.

That’s my home.

Wake up early, 5 o’clock,

Have some breakfast, chop chop.

Hop in the ute, hold on tight

Make sure the fences are all right.

Pliers cutting,

Dad muttering,

Wire bending,

Mum mending.

That’s my home.

Sunset staining the western sky,

Curlew calling its mournful cry,

Have some dinner, jump into bed,

To go and rest my weary head.

Cows are sleeping,

 horses are dozing,

dingoes are howling,

And the dogs are snoring.

That’s my Home.