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    AHVISE Volunteer Agreement

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    C/- PO Box 405 Charleville QLD 4470 (“Aussie Helpers”)

    1. Interpretation

    This Agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland and the parties submit tothe non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.

    In the interpretation of this agreement:

    “AHVISE” means any officer, employee, trainer, instructor, agent, contractor or representative of AHVISE;

    “Aussie Helpers” means any officer, employee, trainer, instructor, agent, contractor or representative of Aussie Helpers Ltd;

    “Services” means any Volunteer activities undertaken by the Volunteer on behalf of and for the AHVISE program;

    “Placement” means an educational Volunteering position for a farming, rural or outback family home tutoring position or some kind, including other home duties;

    “Volunteer” means you and any other person providing services on a voluntary basis to Aussie Helpers including a spouse, partner or assistant attending a placement with you;

    “AHVISE VA” means any official designated person who coordinators the AHVISE Placements from time to time on behalf of AHVISE. “VA” is an acronym for “virtual assistant” as they provide support by phone and online.

    2. Provision of the Services

    The parties agree that AHVISE will:

    (a) Provide adequate orientation and training specific to the task undertaken by the Volunteer as AHVISE deems required;

    (b) Establish a clear understanding of what the Volunteer’s roles and objectives are for their respective placement;

    (c) Provide information on Aussie Helpers changes or new policy decisions relevant to AHVISE Volunteers;

    (d) Provide an avenue where Volunteers can raise questions, concerns and or complaints;

    (e) Maintain a safe, professional and appropriate environment for all other employees of Aussie Helpers, including other Volunteers and members of the public;

    (f) Comply with all legal requirements as may from time to time apply to the provision of the services;

    (g) Encourage and recognise Volunteer efforts and achievements; and

    (h) Provide feedback on Volunteering efforts and achievements to their best ability.

    3. Compliance With Directions

    The Volunteer must comply with and must ensure that at all times he or she complies with:

    (a) All reasonable instructions and directions of AHVISE and Aussie Helpers or its employees;

    (b) All statutory provisions, regulations, orders and bylaws of any government, municipal or statutory authority which relate to the provision of the services; and

    (c) Generally accepted standards of good and proper conduct, hygiene and good behaviour.

    If a Volunteer fails to comply with direction given, AHVISE or Aussie Helpers may terminate a Volunteer’s participation at their absolute direction.

    4. Allowances

    Aussie Helpers will reimburse Volunteers for their petrol/travel costs up to $1,500 per placement, providing the claim is made with valid tax receipts. All travel refund claims are to be made via the AHVISE website www.ahvise.org.au via the Financial Hub.

    5. Work Health and Safety

    AHVISE and Aussie Helpers want to ensure that Volunteers only work and live in a healthy and safe environment. If Volunteers feel their situation is not healthy or safe to be in, they should advise the AHVISE VA’s at their earliest convenience who will do everything possible to remedy the situation.

    6. Accidents and Hazards

    The Volunteer must not create or leave unattended any hazards, accidents and injuries.

    All hazards, accidents and injuries must be reported immediately to an AHVISE VA and complete an Incident Form (which an AHVISE VA can provide them with) and such other documentation as may be required by the AHVISE VA at that time.

    7. Damage to Property

    The Volunteer must report immediately to Aussie Helpers and damage caused by the Volunteer to any property, motor vehicle or equipment whether owned by the Aussie Helpers or any third party.

    8. Inherent Risk

    The Volunteer acknowledges that the services performed carry inherent risks.

    The Volunteer acknowledges there are no medical reasons why they should not Volunteer and are voluntarily choosing to participate in Volunteering activities for AHVISE.

    The Volunteer acknowledges that AHVISE and Aussie Helpers will take steps to reduce the risk and increase the safety of the Volunteer of the Volunteering services however the Volunteer is ultimately responsible for their own safety.

    The Volunteer acknowledges that they are personally responsible for their own concentration and attention and will abstain from any Volunteering activity if outside the Volunteer’s level of ability at any time.

    The Volunteer acknowledges that AHVISE and Aussie Helpers are not responsible for and do not indemnify against injury whatsoever occurring.

    9. The Volunteer’s Agreement

    The Volunteer agrees at all times during this Agreement that the Volunteer will:

    (a) Work in a manner that is safe for themselves, other Volunteers, their students, their student's family and other workers at the property;

    (b) Participate in training programs as required;

    (c) Accept guidance and direction from the AHVISE VA’s;

    (d) Advise an AHVISE VA if the Volunteer cannot attend a Placement;

    (e) Promote the efforts of AHVISE or Aussie Helpers in ways that are detrimental to AHVISE or Aussie Helpers;

    (f) Work only inside the designated Placement assigned unless otherwise directed; and

    (g) Direct any correspondence for AHVISE to the Aussie Helpers head office (except the Blue Card postage which may have an alternative address on that form);

    The Volunteer agrees at all times during this Agreement that the Volunteer will not:

    (a) Claim mobile telephone billsor other utilities;

    (b) Claim motor vehicle expensesthat were not incurred as part of volunteering for AHVISE;

    (c) Receive or benefit in any manner from the services and the goods that AHVISE provides; or

    (d) Remove any item of property belonging to a Family’s property.

    10. Release, Discharge and Indemnity

    The Volunteer agrees that the volunteering services undertaken at the Volunteer’s own risk and hereby releases and discharges AHVISE and Aussie Helpers, its officers, employees and agents from all claims and demands of any kind whatsoever and from liability including, without limitation, liability for negligence which may arise in respect of any accident, damage, destruction, debt or injury which occurs in relation to the provision of the services, save where such liability arises from any wilful or negligent act or omission of AHVISE and Aussie Helpers, its employees or agents.

    11. Confidentiality

    The Volunteer will keep confidential and not divulge either directly or indirectly to any person, any information relating to the business, processes, systems, recipients of assistance or affairs of AHVISE and Aussie Helpers which is of a confidential nature or which is not otherwise in the public domain, including the terms of this Agreement, save to the extent that the disclosure may be required by statute or may reasonably be required for the purpose of enabling the parties to fulfil their respective obligations under this agreement or as may otherwise be required by law. This clause shall have force after the termination or expiry of this Agreement.

    12. Termination

    Either party may terminate this Agreement by written notice to the other party.

    13. Relationship of the Parties

    The parties acknowledge that this Agreement is intended as a contract of services and not any other relationship and, in particular not the relationship of the employer or employee, principal and agent or the relationship of partnership.

    14. Certification

    The Volunteer certifies they have read and understand their rights and responsibilities as a Volunteer.

    The Volunteer certifies that they have read and understand the rights and responsibilities of AHVISE and Aussie Helpers.

    The Volunteer certifies that they have exercised their own judgement in entering into this Agreement and has not relied on any representation made by an AHVISE VA or an Aussie Helpers representative save as specifically set out in this Agreement.

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